Degree Courses
The degree programs of KVCIT are operated in accordance with the curriculum standards and academic schedules by the Korean Higher Education Act.
To earn a degree, attendance and credits are required to be completed as specified in the law.
Classes are delivered generally in Korean language except on special occasions.
All departments (admissions units) are four-year (7 semesters) courses.
A student who completed a three-year course at KVCIT is granted an associate degree by default.
After completing a three-year course at KVCIT and Korea National Technical Qualifications, which implemented by Human Resources Development Service of Korea, a Bachelor degree, conferred by the Minister of Education of Korea is gra
Note that no special courses or placements for international students are provided.
Training(Non-degree) Course
KVCIT offers IT training courses for foreign applicants.
Short-term training courses provide hands-on curricula that are applicable at the IT work industries.
The training courses are only for international students.
Customized training programs are possibly designed and operated upon request of agencies or clients.
A separate classes and training programs are arranged under the condition but with the conference with the institution in request that there are more than 20 trainees in the same course from agencies or clients.
The training period is expected to be within one year and possibly extended after entering Korea with the general training visa(D-4).