Eligibility for Application
classification Eligibility
ㆍApplicants and both their parents have non-Korean nationality
ㆍOpen to applicants between the age of 18-30 years old
Academic Requirements
ㆍThe applicants must have completed or will complete regular high school(graduate or graduate to-be
Guarantee of Finance
ㆍProof of all expenses during training course at KVCIT
- Required at visa issuance
- Tuition KRW 4,000,000(or USD 5,000) or more
Language Proficiency
ㆍTOPIK Level 2 or higher
ㆍAn expectant TOPIK Level 2 or higher (But if you don't acquire the level above within 6 months, the registration will be canceled.

In principle, for those students whose country’s formal education from elementary school to high school is less than twelve years, only those students who completed the full school years that are approved by Korean Ministry of Education as equivalent to Korean high school graduates will be considered as qualified high school graduates. However, in general, the qualification as a high school graduate will be judged taking account of each country’s educational system based on Korean educational system.

Selection Procedures
Document Evaluation Interview
How to pay Tuition Payment:
- SHINHAN BANK(신한은행) 140-009-292610
- Depositor: Dasan HRD Foundation
Payment Due: Nov. 4. 2020 (Sat) ~ Nov. 11. 2020 (Sat)
Amount Remark
Tuition 4,100,000KRW(per Semester) 11,800,000KRW/year(a full academic year’s tuition+dormitory fee)
Dormitory fee 1,800,000KRW(6 months)
Total 5,900,000KRW (6 months)

※ Applicants are responsible for any fees incurred when wiring tuitions. Applicants don't make tuitions payment by the due date after acceptance, acceptance is automatically withdrawn.

Tuition Refund criteria
Classification Refund detail Required Document
Approved applicants of Visa Insurance or holding Visa Insurance certification
ㆍBefore start: 90% refund Within one week of the start of the course: 80% refund
ㆍWithin 1 ~ 2 weeks of the course: 50% refund
ㆍTwo weeks after the start of course: No refund Dormitory Fee 50% refund
ㆍApplication form for refund
ㆍTuition payment certificate
ㆍTicket for return flight (only for immigration)
Disapproved applicants of Visa Insurance or Denied Visa Insurance certification
<Tuition and dormitory fees>
ㆍIf you drop your visa or refuse to issue your visa Is 100% refundable regardless of when the refund is requested
ㆍApplication form for refund
ㆍTuition payment certificate
Required Document
Classification Target Required Document Notes
A Prescribed Form Provided by KVCIT All applicants
ㆍApplication Form
ㆍSelf introduction(cover letter)
ㆍEssay & Study plan
Please print forms out of the website (
Academic Background All applicants must have a official certificate of high school diploma or higher.
ㆍHighschool graduation certificate or expected graduation
ㆍGraduation certificate or Expected graduation from previous university or college)
Original document and notarized translations(Korean or English)
Verifying Nationality All Applicants ㆍA copy of Passport
For Applicants living in Korea only ㆍA copy of Alien Registration Card
Verifying language proficiency All Applicants
ㆍHNational Institute for International Education (NIIED) <TOPIK-I Level 2 or higher>
ㆍKorea Educational Testing Service <KLAT Level 2 or higherr>
VerifyingFinancial Capability All Applicants
ㆍBank certificate of deposit balanc
Criteria vary across the countr
Release of Information Form All Applicants
ㆍRelease of Information Form
Please print forms out of the website (
Important Notes
All documents must be submitted in its original copy. Any documents written in a language other than Korean or English must be translated into Korean or English and notarized by a certified notary.
Admission may be rescinded if the applicant submits falsified documents or is found to have made inaccurate statements in them. If the applicant is found to be not qualified, admission will be withdrawn even after the admission has been granted. Also, submitted documents will not be returned.
Admission will be withdrawn if tuition payment is not made within the specified registration period.
Note Apostille and Consular Authentication
All applicants must submit Apostille or Embassy
Legalization during the application period for the documents (transcripts, graduation certificate and enrollment confirmation letter) issued from overseas secondary school.
Apostille Authentication
Applicants must submit original copies of official high school transcripts and graduation certificate with Apostille stamps obtained from the designated authorities to issue
Embassy Legalization from the Korean embassy
All Applicants must submit the embassy legalization of high school transcripts and graduation certificate from the Korean embassy in the country where one’s high school is located.
A window of Diplomatic Service Apostille: 02-2100-7600
A window of Justice Department Apostille: 02-720-8027