Academic Calendar
Application Schedule
Classification Date Remarks
Application Submission Oct. 9th(Mon) ~ Oct. 18th(Fri)
ㆍVisit in Person or Postal Application: KVCIT International Center (6th floor, 87, Baumoe-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06751, Republic of Korea,)
Document Screen Oct. 21th(Mon) ~ Oct. 26th(Fri) Check on website (
Acceptance Notification Nov. 4th(Mon) Check on website
Enrollment Nov. 4th(Sat) ~ Nov. 11th(Sat) Tuition Due
Issue a admission letter Nov. 6th(Mon) ~ Nov. 11th(Sat)
Orientation Dec. 19th(Mon) Orientation for training courses

※If agencies or clients request a short-term training course for 20 trainees in the same course, the application process and schedule will be provided separately.

Academic Calendar in General
Period of the course
Korean Language course Dec. 20. 2019 ~ Feb. 23. 2020
Regular semester 1st semester March ~ June Early March~ Late June (16 weeks)
2nd semester September ~ December Early September ~ Late. December (16 weeks)
Advanced Semester Approx. two weeks after the end of the Fall/Spring semester(Detailed schedules vary on subjects)

※The schedule above is applied only to degree programs.

Admission Units
School Department Majors and Degree
Game ㆍGame Programming ㆍGame Programming
ㆍGame Planning ㆍGame Design
ㆍGame Art Design ㆍGame Art Design
Information Security ㆍInformation security ㆍInformation Security
ㆍConvergence Security(AI/IoT)
ㆍHacking Virus Countermeasure
ㆍDigital Forensic
ㆍComputer Engineering
Contents Design ㆍVisual Communication Design ㆍVisual Communication Design
IT Convergence ㆍBig Data·AI ㆍInformation Processing
ㆍSoftware engineering
ㆍDrone & Robot
Admission Units
Name of Main subject Period of the course
Data processing 1.Software design <One-year>
1st semester
Mar.1. 2020 ~ Jun. 20. 2020
2nd semester
Oct.1. 2020 ~ Dec. 20. 2020
2.Software development
3.Database building
4.Programming language
5.Overall emphasis on Information System
Game developer 1.Application Implementation <One-year>
1st semester
Mar.1. 2020 ~ Jun. 20. 2020
2nd semester
Oct.1. 2020 ~ Dec. 20. 2020
2.Programming Language
3.Application Software
4.Game Contents Design
5.Game Engine Programing
Information security 1.Introduction to information Security <One-year>
1st semester
Mar.1. 2020 ~ Jun. 20. 2020
2nd semester
Oct.1. 2020 ~ Dec. 20. 2020
2.System Security
3.Network Security
4.Application Security
5.Hacking Simulation