Green Campus

Best education environment and service for students!

1. Selected a Top level Educational Institution

  • Good Educational Institution selected by National Institute for Lifelong Education of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
    Awarded a service plaque as good educational institution for study courses and guide to learners at the 9th graduation ceremony for credits bank system held by National Institute for Lifelong Education of the ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • Best Educational Institution selected by Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business
    Awarded a Chairman's commendation for contribution to the talents training and education for small and medium businesses by Korea Information and Communication Industry Cooperative of Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business

2. The only and one Specialized College at Gangnam, the center of IT industry, culture and arts

  • The College is adjacent to Gangnam Teheran Valley and Yangjae-Poi Venture Town and high-tech IT companies such as KT R & D Headquarters and LG Electronics Laboratory are located near the College. It is favorable for on-site practice by academic-industrial cooperation with IT companies and to invite lecturers for special lectures. Many employment opportunities can be given through such advantageous condition.
  • The College is located at Yangjae-dong. In the vicinity of the college, there are education-related bodies such as Education Culture Hall, Korea Federation of Teachers' Associations, EBS Education Broadcasting Station, Korean Educational Development Institute and Yangjae Citizens' Woods and Yangjaecheon (stream). It facilitates education-related service support and forms very good environment for creating an academic atmosphere.
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External Dormitory for the students from provinces

The College operates external dormitory for the students coming from provinces.
It makes efforts to create best environment for the students to adapt to new environment and study hard without difficulties.
The external dormitory is administrated for the students' convenient life based on the agreement with some types of rooms in the buildings in the vicinity of the College.
  • 1 Living mainly for the students in the College

  • 2 The external dormitory offers 10-30% reduced price than neighboring prices

  • 3 The agreement is given to the places that conform with restrict rules by the College.

  • 4 Our teaching staff guide the parents of students directly for checking convenient location.

Urban College ranking with world famous universities

My need is not a schoolyard but a place for professional knowledge!

The College for just applied on-site education

Teheran Valley and Seoul Arts Center are my lecture rooms, too!

Environment surrounded with full educational and cultural facilities

Learning cannot be achieved in the lecture room only!

Concentrated Region for game, design, security-related institutions

Many job opportunities with quick information for employment!