IT Convergence School
Fusion Smart School
Smart IT professionals leading smart world

It aims to train future IT development professionals with creative and convergent thinking skills to lead the development of Internet security, network, big data, artificial intelligence, and Android software at the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


By connecting various Internet of Things to drones and robots, we cultivate human resources who can contribute to technology and industrial development by creating new services through interaction without human help.

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Computer Engineering

It trains future IT development experts with creative thinking skills to lead the development of the Internet of Things, network (5G), big data, and artificial intelligence, which are leading the fourth industry.

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Software engineering

By converging with various fields to educate specialized software development skills, we cultivate creative and global talents who can start a business or put them into practice.

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Educate the technology to artificially implement some or all of human intellectual abilities with software so that computers can imitate human intelligent behavior.

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Information Security

It combines in-depth knowledge and technology in emerging security technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and cloud security, and trains convergent next-generation security experts who can actively cope with threats.

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We train ethical hackers and malicious code analysis experts to produce people who can prepare for the infringement, disturbance, paralysis, and destruction of systems occurring on the cyber.

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