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    How can I pay for my tuition?

    Access the site, http://www.eng.koreait.ac.kr , and enter your test identification number and date of birth. You can check and pay the stated amount of your tuition.

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    Do I have to take the Korean Language Examinations?

    If you have a certificate attesting that you passed Level 5 of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), you do not have to take the exam. However, you have to submit documentary evidence proving that you obtained either one of the certificates mentioned above to your department adviser. If you do not have either of the certificates mentioned, then you must take the exam.

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    How can I get the apostille (아포스티유) certified documents and where do I have to submit them?

    Bring your high school diploma and academic transcript to the Korean embassy/consulate nearest you and have your documents stamped and certified. After doing so, you can forward them to the university admissions office.

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    How can I purchase accident insurance?

    There are two types of insurance companies in Korea. You can apply to whichever fits your situation best.

    Korean National Health Insurance: http://www.nhic.or.kr, Tel.+82-1577-1000 You pay around 36,000 monthly and can receive hospital aids just like the assistance Korean citizens receive. You can personally apply for this insurance at the Kukmin Health Insurance Industrial Complex nearest you.

    Commercial insurance company: These are the general insurance companies that sell accident insurances at various prices. However, you are advised to carefully study their terms and conditions.