Korea Vocational College Of Information Technology(KVCIT) founded in 1998 for training professionals in the field of Information and Technology(IT), we have focused on providing specialized training courses which are related to the fields for the needs of IT industry.

KVCIT college graduates are recognized as their prominent ability and this reflects on their high employment rate overseas such as in Japan as well as in the domestic IT industry in Korea. We also see the possibility that they employ the knowledge and skills they learn at KVCIT to the various fields like the army or schools as an IT expert.
KVCIT is a leading educational college in the field of IT and computer-game industries of Korea with a variety of IT Convergence. We have been especially focusing on fostering students to be a dynamic work force in the Information and Communications Technology(ITC) industry with creative, complex and delicate technologies beyond mere acquisition of knowledge and technology which are required in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We strive for learner-centered Education system which enables students to be a team-oriented work force in the real work place by learning how to cooperate and communicate with their partners in a team. We therefore cultivate students to be well-equipped with professional skills through a job training and related projects which will incubate competent individuals expected at work places.