Information Security School
My security PRIDE
My security PRIDE
Foster the next generation leader of information security!

The School of Information Security fosters information security professionals to meet the demands of the times. The School operates more departmentalized majors and systemized curriculum to foster the next generation information experts. The merit of the school is project and practice-focused education by the professors experienced in the practices.

Follow your dreams for promising information security expert with high income!

Information Security Expert is one of the most promising and favored jobs in the future prospected by the media, having social demand and secured high income. The government promotes the plan for fostering information security experts to meet the IT convergence age as a policy for nurturing security industry. It is expected that the status of information security expert would be also higher even ten years from now as well as the present.

Information security

Students can learn about all the techniques for security expert, including attack and defense, detection.

Game programming
Convergence Security(AI/IoT)

The development of technologies such as various smart devices, virtual reality, and augmented reality is also making a big difference in the social environment.

Game Planning
Hacking Virus Countermeasure

Armed with sharp investigative power and IT capability! I’ll keep justice of digital world!

Game Graphic
Digital Forensic

No. 1 most promising job in the future - Digital forensics is a forensic technique that analyzes digital evidence and uses it for investigation.

Game Planning
Computer Engineering

Basic course for producing ICT (Information and Communications Technologies)

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